Water management & water treatment specialists

BioRemedy is an Australian company that has specialised in both water management and water treatment solutions for fresh water bodies of water and wastewater facilities since 1975. We focus on non-toxic and environmentally friendly solutions, so that we can truly support our ecosystems.  The health of our lakes, ponds and dams is vital for the maintenance of our ecosystems and the overgrowth of algae and weeds can seriously disrupt their natural processes, endangering plant life, wildlife and people. Wastewater facilities must also be kept under control, because with neglect, the production of hydrogen sulphide can reach dangerous levels.

This is why BioRemedy offers a range of mitigation and water management options for property owners and councils, so that the integrity of these water bodies can be maintained. BioRemedy has a proven reputation for workable solutions that are guaranteed to work, in fact, we do not recommend a solution unless we know that it will work, 100% guaranteed. We have provided water management and water treatment solutions for golf courses, nurseries, agricultural dams, poultry farms and residential homes, as well as many councils whose municipal sewage systems need attention.

Whenever clients contact us, and once we fully understand their problems, we tailor a customised solution that is specific to their needs. We are not a one-size-fits-all company who uses the same solution for every problem, we know that all water bodies are unique and require specific solutions for their problems. This is one of the reasons that the team at BioRemedy are so successful, because with backgrounds in engineering, applied science and microbiology, we truly understand the issues you are experiencing and can recommend the exact solution that will fix your problems.

Examples of water management solutions

If your lakes, ponds or dams are overgrown with algae and weeds, the big problem is a reduction in oxygen that results in an accumulation of bottom sludge and a stagnant water body. The best water management solution for these types of problems is to remove much of the overgrown weed growth mechanically and then to use a pond pump or solar pond aerator to mix the water from top to bottom, increasing the amount of oxygen in the water, which will naturally start the degradation process to restart. Stagnant pools of water no longer have sufficient oxygen in the water for the bacteria to degrade the algae and other plant detritus, so it all backs up and results in a very smelly and visually offensive water body that is detrimental to water life and wildlife. Aeration is the key to returning these water bodies back to health, removing or reducing the algae and supporting our environment and our wildlife.

For more information on how BioRemedy can create a tailored water management solution for your water bodies, call us on 1300 798 022 or send us an email.