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Weed removal & algae control in lakes and ponds

The above technical information should help you to understand the intricacies of weed removal & algae control in lakes and ponds. This is a very important topic and is essential to maintaining our ecosystems in tip-top health. If neglected, many fresh water bodies can become overgrown with weeds and algae, resulting in a lack of oxygen and water circulation, and ultimately leading to stagnant and unhealthy water. This can result in the death of water life and the reduction in wildlife in the area.

Our ecosystems deserve better than this, which is why we specialise in environmental friendly and non-toxic weed removal and algae control in lakes and ponds. At BioRemedy, have a variety of proven water management options in our arsenal, all of which we customise for each individual problem. We know that all water bodies are not the same and have their own unique issues, requiring different solutions. This means that we don’t give our clients a cookie-cutter solution, instead we tailor each water treatment and water management solution to the specific environment and the range of problems being experienced.

We only offer our clients proven solutions that are guaranteed to work, because we want your lakes, dams and ponds to be as healthy as possible over the long term. Pond aerators and pond algae control are very common solutions throughout Australia, returning previously choked and stagnant waters to pristine health. At BioRemedy, we are passionate about keeping our fresh water bodies clean and healthy, and with a team of specialists who have backgrounds in applied science, microbiology and engineering, we can design the perfect water management and water treatment solution to suit your problems and your budget.

For more information on how we can design a water management solution to suit your needs, call us on 1300 798 022 or send us an email.