Green Waste Composting BioRemedy 501 The reduction of wastewater solids & sludge in many insoluble polymer-rich manufacturing operations, home and commercial composting,

Decaying Plant Vegetation BioRemedy 401 Enhanced growth of many leafy vegetables and root crops, enhanced growth of many flowering plants. Home and

Fats, Oils and Greases BioRemedy 301 Reduced BOD, COD, sludge, grease and hydrogen sulphide in wastewater and collections systems. Waste and odour

Herbicides & Pesticides BioRemedy 201 Wastewater treatment at citrus processors, chemical manufacturers, clothing manufacturers and pesticide and herbicide manufacturers. Agricultural residuals of

Dosing Facilities & Controls Facility Design and Construction Design and construction of Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Solution Storage Facilities for a range of

Management Programs for Mitigation Application of the Septicity Control Program is achieved via the controlled dose of calcium nitrate [Ca(NO3)2] solution to

Sewer Reticulation Analysis Bioremedy has the ability to model and report a clients’ susceptibility to sulphide production within their sewer reticulation. We

Algal & Aquatic Weed Control Kupramine: An aquatic algicide providing for control of: An aquatic algicide providing for control of a broad

Static Aerator ECO ECO, a static aspiration aerator, which utilises the fundamental fluid dynamics principle, the Venturi Effect , to achieve a

Mechanical Circulation Effective algae control in lakes and ponds The BRIO 1.0 is a water circulator used in applications to provide mixing, destratification,

Mechanical Aeration FORCE 7.2 lake and pond aerator The Force 7.2 is a submersible lake and pond aerator, which oxygenates by drawing in

Aquatic Probiotics A long term sustainable and environmentally friendly solution, adding living beneficial bacteria can more efficiently breakdown the organic matter in