Sprint Surface Aerator Complete Unit


Keep your water body clean & clear, while adding a beautiful visual display to your lake or pond, with our fantastic Sprint Display Fountain Aerator.

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Perfect for water bodies where a beautiful visual display is required. This ornamental solution not only injects and circulates oxygen into your water body to control any algae or aquatic weeds but also provide a nice fountain display of the healthy-looking and clear water. This solution is great for small lakes and ponds in residential homes, golf courses and wineries in which nice visual display is required.

The SPRINT 1.5 is a surface-mounted aerator which oxygenates and destratifies by drawing water through a central column and dispersing a plume of water skyward. The propeller design allows for dispersal of water both vertically and radially, enabling a greater volume of water to be dispersed into free air, facilitating a more efficient transfer of oxygen to water. Positioning is carried out by tethering from each of the unit’s four corners to static points on a lagoon bank.

Units are supplied with a 40-metre length of marine-grade submersible electrical cable. (Further length can be added on request, prior to unit dispatch, as appropriate).

Additional information

Rates Power (HP)

240V: 1.5, 415V: 1.5

Rated Power (KW)

240V: 1.1, 415V: 1.2

Rated Current (A)

240V: 5.0, 415V: 2.0

Flow Capacity (m)

240V: 1250, 415V: 1250

Vertical Dispersion (m)

240V: 1.7, 415V: 1.7

Radial Dispersion (m)

240V: 6.5, 415V: 6.5

Motor Housing

Marine Brass


Reinforced Plastic