Solar Brio Circulator Complete Unit


The first Australian designed system to employ solar power to circulate and aerate water bodies. The Solar Powered Brio Circulator efficiently introduces oxygen into water bodies located too far away from mains power.

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Perfect for small lakes, ponds and water features where access to power is not as easy. This is a non-ornamental solution that circulates oxygen inside your water body to control the growth of any algae or aquatic weeds. Great for lakes and ponds in farms, rural blocks, council parks and industrial sites providing a pristine looking lake or pond whilst remaining off the grid.

Applying mechanical aeration and circulation depends on a number of things including the type of application, the size and depth of your waterbody, the age of the water body and the type of algae or aquatic weeds it has. The use of the solar powered Brio circulation system is perfect for small size water bodies with a total volume of less than 5 megaliters. Perfect for farms, rural blocks, regional council parks that will benefit from a self sustaining solar powered circulation system that will keep the water body in perfect condition without the need of mains power.  

Additional information

Supply Requirements

133V (Three Phase)

Rates Power (HP)


Rated Power (KW)


Rated Current (A)


Flow Capacity (LPM)

1400 @ 100%

Mixing Volume Capability (kL/Hr)

1200 @ 100%

Motor Housing

Marine Brass


Reinforced Plastic