Rio Circulator Motor Only


Built to handle larger water bodies with ease, the exceptional Rio Circulator provides mixing, destratification, circulation, aeration, and environmentally friendly non-toxic algae control in lakes and ponds.

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Perfect for larger lakes, ponds and water features. This is a non-ornamental solution that circulates large volume of water to control any algae or aquatic weeds and maintain a healthy looking clear water. Great for lakes and ponds in farms, nurseries and wineries in which functionality is more needed than the visual appearance.

The RIO AG20 is a water circulator used to provide mixing, destratification, circulation and aeration, providing environmentally friendly and non-toxic algae control in lakes and ponds. The unit operation maintains constant water movement from the surface to the bed of a water body.

The rotational operation of the propeller is designed to minimise damage to marine flora and fauna and lagoon infrastructure, providing power through a 15:1 reduction gearbox, to allow the large three-bladed propeller to rotate at 115 RPM.

Additional information

Rates Power (HP)


Rated Power (KW)


Rated Current (A)


O2 Delivery Rate* (m³O²/Hr) 3.3


O2 Delivery Rate* (m³O²/Hr) 2.4


Motor Housing

Stainless Steel


Reinforced Plastic

Front & Rear Motor Flanges

Cast Iron