Force 7.2 Aerator Complete Unit


One of the most common problems we face is that water bodies can easily become stagnant, due to a lack of oxygen being introduced into the water. That’s where the Force 7.2 Aerator comes in with its remarkable ability to introduce oxygen and healthy bacteria back into your water!

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Perfect for small to medium water bodies. This is a non-ornamental solution that injects and circulates oxygen into your water body to control any algae or aquatic weeds and maintain a healthy looking clear water. Great for lakes and ponds in farms, golf courses, nurseries and wineries in which functionality is more needed than the visual appearance.

The Force 7.2 is a submersible lake and pond aerator, which oxygenates by drawing in and dispersing air at depth, in the form of micronised bubbles.

The Force 7.2 is compact, robust, but lightweight, easily handled aeration device with unrivalled performance characteristics. Being submersible in design, the unit can be positioned at depths of up to 15.0 metres below the water surface via the use of extension snorkels. The Force 7 lake and pond aerator can also be configured to mitigate stratification of water bodies by creating influencing currents at the surface or at depth, by pivoting the motor axis up to 35º above and below horizontal for specific applications.

Additional information

Rates Power (HP)

240V: 1.5, 415V: 1.5

Rated Power (KW)

240V: 1.1, 415V: 1.1

Rated Current (A)

240V: 7.5, 415V: 3.2

O2 Delivery Rate* (m³O²/Hr) 3.3

240V: 3.3, 415V: 3.3

O2 Delivery Rate* (kgO²/Hr) 2.4

240V: 2.4, 415V: 2.4

Motor Housing

Marine Brass


Reinforced Plastic