ECO Static Venturi Aeration Unit


Versatile, efficient, & environmentally friendly. The ECO Static Venturi Aeration Unit delivers air into water bodies through a state of the art hydraulic venturi. The ECO is ideal for aeration of large tanks and for utilizing existing infrastructure.

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The ECO is a static aeration device which operates by delivering air into water hydraulically via a venturi. Water is delivered to the rear of the unit, with the delivery flow rate determining the amount of air drawn into the ECO for diffusing. The ECO efficiently mixes the air and water and delivers this pressurized mixture into the water.

The ECO can be used in applications to provide for oxygen or chemical additions. Comes complete with three internal nozzle sizes, enabling the correct nozzle appropriate to pump flow rate to be selected. Appropriate connection pipework is fitted to the ECO via standard plumbing fittings. The ECO is easily secured to a mooring point via a mounting from the unit casing.

ECO graphs
ECO graphs