CROC TPS20 Complete Solar Pump Kit


Creates a fountain to aerate trough water, and continuously runs trough water past an in-built water softening magnet, vastly improving the quality of animals’ drinking water. Great for smaller rectangular troughs of less than 2.5m, round troughs up to 1.5m, horse troughs, poultry, goats and any small volume trough.

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Farmers across Australia are continuously looking at ways to improve their animals weight gain using good feed, and regular health checks. However, less attention has been given to water quality. That’s where Croc Trough Pumping Systems comes in. Croc TPS has developed a solar powered water aeration system through rigorous research and testing, that is designed to soften and filter your animals drinking water, resulting in a 35% increase in water intake, healthier digestive systems, and greater weight gain. 

Algae and e-coli can severely affect your animal’s health and digestive systems, but can be reduced through proper filtration and aeration of their drinking water. Croc TPS slows the growth of bacteria and greatly lowers trough cleaning requirements through cost-effective pumping solutions. By being a solar powered system there are no running costs involved, and it is fully self-sustainable.

The Croc TPS20 is also designed to be retrofit. Meaning this complete, versatile system has been created to fit seamlessly onto both new and existing troughs, including concrete, steel, poly, rectangle, or round troughs.

Additional information

Solar Panel Max-power voltage


Solar Panel Max-power current


Pump Max. Head


Pump Max. flow rate

1360LPH (359.3GPH)

Pump Cable length

3m (9.8ft)

Pump Nozzle item


Flow adjustable


Dry run protection



12 Months