Brio Circulator Motor Only


The Brio Circulator is a workhorse circulation unit that you can rely on! Built to handle small to medium sized applications, this solution circulates large volumes of water to control the growth of any algae or aquatic weeds.

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Perfect for medium sized lakes, ponds and water features. This is a non-ornamental solution that circulates large volume of water to control the growth of any algae or aquatic weeds and maintain a healthy looking clear water. Great for lakes and ponds in farms, nurseries and wineries in which functionality is more needed than the visual appearance.

The BRIO 1.0 is a water circulator used in applications to provide mixing, destratification, and circulation of a waterbody and provides effective algae control in lakes and ponds. The unit, when in operation, maintains constant water movement from the surface to the bed of a water body. Potential applications for BRIO 1.0 include effluent mixing, promotion of channel flow and provision of effective circulation to destratify waterbodies. The submersible motor unit provides direct drive to twin propellers (180 mm in diameter) rotating at 1400 RPM.

Additional information

Rates Power (HP)

240V: 1.0, 415V: 1.0

Rated Power (KW)

240V: 1.2, 415V: 1.2

Rated Current (A)

240V: 4.5, 415V: 2.0

Propeller Rotational Speed (RPM)

240V: 1400, 415V: 1400

Mixing Volume Capability (kL/Hr)

240V: 1200, 415V: 1200

Motor Housing

Marine Brass


Reinforced Plastic