Our Projects


Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council

Scope: To provide Solar Powered Aeration to a non-powered site.

This incredible project involved providing an aeration solution to improve the water quality of the wastewater treatment lagoons in the Napranum Aboriginal Shire council. With no access to power onsite, our solar powered Splash 2001 surface aerators were the perfect choice for this project, leaving everyone involved smiling.

Coral Coast Barramundi

Scope: Design & install a oxygen ingection systems that boosts reliable production.

“Coral coast Barramundi and BioRemedy have worked closely together over the past 10+ years and the products and services they provide are second to none.

In particular, we rely heavily upon the Acqua & Co Force 7.2 as it delivers oxygen injection and mixing like no other product on the market. The Force 7.2 aerators have allowed us to at least double our production.” – Corey Sander, Growout Manager, Coral Coast Barramundi.

coral coast
Brisbane project

Brisbane City Council

Scope: Install Solar Powered Circulators to assist storm water basin management.

Bioremedy were engaged to provide Solar powered water circulators to assist with lake destratification in the western districts of Brisbane, QLD. As part of the ongoing management of these lakes, chemical and biological application programs take place each month to assist with the control of unwanted algae and aquatic weeds.

Rocky Point Mulching

Scope: To provide Aeration and apply Biological remediation.

Our loyal friends at Rocky Point Mulching are the pinnacle of potting media and compost manufacturing in Australia. They engaged BioRemedy to provide an aeration solution to assist with onsite water quality management. Ongoing water management, in conjunction with the aeration biological application, takes place each month to reduce nutrient build up and control odour.

rocky point mulching
runaway lagoons

Runaway Lagoons

Scope: To apply an efficient destratification program.

Runaway Lagoons is a beautiful residential complex that resides on an artificial lake in Runaway Bay, Gold Coast. The lake level is controlled by a pump system where saltwater is pumped in from the local canal. BioRemedy provides a destratification program to maintain a consistent temperature and oxygen throughout the lake, due to it being up to 18m deep in some areas. This provides the conditions to maintain high levels of water quality for the residents.

Tricare Stafford Lakes

Scope: Design & apply an effective water management scheme.

BioRemedy have installed 12 Brio circulation devices to artificially mix the water at Stafford Lakes. Aesthetics are extremely important at this site, so the Brio circulators were mounted on the bottom of the lake, hidden from sight. The lake also has a large catchment which provides the perfect site for aquatic weeds. Therefore, sub surface chemical dosing, as well as surface spraying and biological application programs take place each month, to assist with aquatic weed control.