Dosing Facilities & Controls

Dosing Facilities & Controls

Facility Design and ConstructionGRP_storage

Design and construction of Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Solution Storage Facilities for a range of bulk containment applications:
  • 1,000 L – 10,000 L as standard, with larger storage volumes available.
  • Intermediate storage and freight logistics capabilities.

Remote Monitoring and ControlPLC

Utilising a unique configuration of the Silicon Controls, SC500 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) BioRemedy is able to:
  • Monitor operational performance;
  • Amend application rate of chemical/nutrient dose.
  • Arrange for stock delivery to site without interruption.
  • Once commissioned, all activity is controlled remotely, without the need to visit site.
  • Data is transferred via modem (GPRS and GSM Network as site location allows) to a dedicated server, allowing internet-based access to site details on demand.

Septicity and Odour Controlpipe

Sewer Reticulation Analysis and Diagnosis 
Management Programs for Mitigation of Septicity and Odour
  • Application of a bionutrient (calcium nitrate solution) to specific points within a sewer reticulation to minimise sulphide production.
Dosing Facilities include:
  • Self-contained bunded solution storage tank.
  • Dosing pump.
  • Remotely-monitored dose control and operational performance management.

Transport and Logistics

Bulk liquid chemical freight management:logistics
  • 1L – 20,000 L as standard, with the capabilities to handle larger volumes if required.
  • Intermediate storage and freight logistics capabilities.
  • Dangerous and Hazardous Goods capabilities.
  • Australia-wide service.