Odour & Septicity Control

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Municipal Water Management – Odour & Septicity Control

BioRemedy specialise in the control of odour and septicity for municipal sewerage water management in council sewer rising mains. Left untreated, sewage can result in public health problems, environmental issues, corrosive damage to the system itself and to offensive odours.

Municipal sewerage water management is an essential component of all wastewater transfer systems. However, complex situations can quickly arise when the generation of hydrogen sulphide by the increasing septicity reaches toxic levels, potentially affecting operational staff via pipework, treatment plants, pumping stations and even manholes.

Water Management Solutions for Municipal Sewer Systems

Solutions perfected by BioRemedy are achieved by using non-toxic, safe to handle, environmentally friendly products. These products can be locally dosed and monitored, and controlled remotely over a website.

Sewer Reticulation & Diagnosis: BioRemedy performs a full inspection of the rising mains, diagnosing the level of sulphide accumulation, so that you have a complete picture of the current state of the sewerage water management system.

Management Programs: Once an inspection and diagnosis of hydrogen sulphide levels has been completed, BioRemedy will create a workable sewerage water management plan to resolve any existing issues and ensure that any potential problems are fully monitored. With a customised management program in place, one that is tailored to each council’s specific needs, the long term management of problematical sulphide levels can be assured.

Tank Dosing: BioRemedy supplies dosing facilities for a range of bulk sewerage containment applications, from 1000 Litres to 10,00 Litres with larger volumes available. Remote monitoring and control is achieved using Silicon Controls and a Logic Controller to monitor operational performance and amend the application rates of the chemical and nutrient dosages.

BioRemedy have provided solutions across Australia in existing rising mains and sewerage water management systems, as well as, new residential and industrial estates where the mains system is under-utilised.


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