Lake & Pond Remediation

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Lake & Pond Remediation

Control of aquatic weeds and algae is fundamental in ornamental lakes and treatment ponds. These water bodies are typically high in nutrients and become stagnant over time due to a lack of aeration and circulation, which results in an overgrowth of pond algae and weeds. The consequent accumulation of detritus and bottom sludge compounds the problem, and thus, the cycle of stagnation continues.

At BioRemedy, we provide our clients with a customised water management and water treatment solution that is tailored specifically to suit their lakes, dams and ponds. Our solutions are not only unique to the client and their needs, but are also proven to be effective. We ensure each water management solution accounts for all aspects of the problem and proceed with a view to returning the water body to a state of optimum health. Stagnant ponds and lakes, choked with pond algae and weeds, are unsafe in the grander scheme of the environment, and may result in the endangerment of both wildlife and water-life. Additionally, these bodies are, quite simply, visually unappealing.

Treating pond algae and overgrown weeds

BioRemedy has provided efficient and cost-effective solutions for golf courses, nurseries, sewage treatment polishing, abattoirs, dairies, piggeries, poultry farms, food processing, agricultural dams, residential ponds, wineries & distilleries and mining holding dams. We use a combination of mechanical circulation and aeration, and/or algaecides and microbial dosage, to return the water body to a healthy state, which can then be managed with a view to the long-term.

Aeration is one of the most effective solutions in BioRemedy’s arsenal, in that it targets the cause of the problem and yields the best results, whilst remaining environmentally friendly. Essentially, lakes and ponds become stagnant due to a lack of oxygen in the water. The result of stagnation is a bottom sludge of detritus that cannot be broken down, given the limited oxygen. Without intervention, the condition of the water body only worsens over time. Mechanical or solar pond aeration are viable solutions to this woe in that they reintroduce oxygen into the water column by moving the water, which encourages bacteria (in the oxygen) to naturally degrade the accumulation of detritus. The water clears and begins to return to its natural state.

With a team whose knowledge and experiences encompass engineering, applied science and microbiology, BioRemedy is a leading company in Australia with respect to lake & pond remediation using non-toxic and environmentally friendly methods. Our water management and water treatment solutions are not only custom, but effective, in the remediation of pond algae and overgrowth of weeds. We are passionate about returning our freshwater lakes, dams and ponds to pristine health, and take great pride in devising viable and practical solutions for our clients.

Please call us on 1300 798 022 for more information on lake & pond remediation, or to discuss how the team at BioRemedy can devise a solution for the control of weeds and pond algae on your property. We look forward to hearing from you.




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