BioRemedy - Triple 7 Odour Control

Triple 7 Odour Control


Triple7 Odour Control is a readily biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive plant based product, especially designed for odour control.

  • High-Tech, Sduper Concentrate Cleaner & Odour Neutraliser
  • Destroys Odours
  • Multi-Purpose – Reduce Inventory Requirements
  • Derived from Renewable Resources
  • No Toxic or Hazardous Ingredients
  • Improves Quality of Water for Reuse Systems
  • Enables Easier Maintenance
  • Retards Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Does Not Harm Sewer Bacteria
  • Assists Septic and Waterless Systems
  • Breaks Down Solids and Removes Pipework Deposits


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