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Lake & Pond Remediation

Control of aquatic weeds and algae is fundamental in ornamental lakes and treatment ponds. These water bodies are typically high in nutrients and stagnant due to a lack of aeration and circulation. By way of mechanical circulation and aeration, and/or using algaecide and microbial dosage, the water body can be effectively managed. The object is to remove or reduce weed overgrowth, and ultimately progress to a point of pristine health. When in optimum condition, the water body will pose no threat to humans or wildlife. It is important to note that BioRemedy’s approach to remediation is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

BioRemedy has provided solutions for golf courses, nurseries, sewage treatment polishing, abattoirs, dairies, piggeries, poultry farms, food processing, agricultural dams, residential ponds, wineries and distilleries and mining holding dams, in the 'lake and pond remediation' context.

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Odour & Septicity Control

BioRemedy specialises in the control of odour and septicity in municipal council sewer rising mains. Solutions are achieved by using non-toxic, safe-to-handle, environmentally friendly products. These products can be locally dosed and monitored and controlled remotely over a website.

BioRemedy has conceived solutions across Australia in existing rising mains, as well as new residential and industrial estates, where the mains system is under-utilised.

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Microbial Inoculation

For over 20 years, BioRemedy has been using microbial inoculants for bioremediation purposes across many different industries. New Edge Microbials supply our standard packages – those being 101, 201, 301, 401 and 501 – and can also tailor specific inoculants as requested.

For the past four years, BioRemedy has been using inoculants from Baseline in Brisbane. Inoculants from this supplier largely extend to compost and nitrifying microbes.

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Water Management across a variety of industries

Water management is essential to maintaining a healthy environment and for supplying clean and treated water to households and industries. Indeed, water management is an issue that underpins many agricultural concerns. Here, at BioRemedy, we specialise in both water treatment and water management solutions, providing techniques to control algae and weeds in lakes & ponds, odours & septicity in council sewers and the bioremediation of wastewater for numerous and diverse industries.

We are Australian owned and operated and have provided water management and treatment solutions to clients for many years. The team has a combined experience and knowledge that spans a variety of disciplines and fields, which is reflected in BioRemedy’s provision of high-quality service. We have a solid reputation characterised by our honesty and superior products, and we only recommend a solution if we can guarantee that it will work. BioRemedy brings into effect a variety of water treatment solutions; including the chemical removal of algae, the use of solar pond aerators to remove bottom sludge and the addition of living bacteria to increase the degradation of products (such as petroleum hydrocarbons, fats, oils and decaying plant matter) in freshwater lakes and ponds.

If you're in the market for a water treatment specialist, or wish to discuss a specific service – such as lake & pond remediation, odour & septicity control and microbial inoculation – then please contact us on 1300 798 022.