Fountain Display Aeration
Using a
Splash Aerator

Perfect for water bodies where a splash of visual display is required. This ornamental solution not only injects and circulates oxygen into your water body to control the growth of any algae or aquatic weeds but also provide a nice fountain display of the healthy-looking and clear water. This solution is great for lakes and ponds in residential homes, golf courses and wineries in which combining functionality with a bit of visual display is required. The Splash 2001 aerators are designed to also work with a solar system for non-powered sites.

Lakes and treatment ponds water bodies are typically high in nutrients and become stagnant over time due to a lack of aeration and circulation, which results in an overgrowth of pond algae and weeds. The consequent accumulation of detritus and bottom sludge compounds the problem, and thus, the cycle of stagnation continues.

Short Term Solution Chemical Application

Depending on the status of the algae in the water body the use of algaecides may be required at the start of the project to get rid of all accumulated algae or aquatic weeds before the application of mechanical circulation and aeration for long term results. We use a range of algaecides depending on the type of algae in your water body. For more information on the types of algae click here.  Most commonly we use Cupricide, Kupramine or water clear. When submitting your enquiry, please include an image of your water body with algae so we can recommend the best algaecide

Long Term Solution Mechanical Circulation & Aeration

We use a combination of mechanical circulation and aeration to return and maintain the water body in a healthy state. Aeration targets the cause of the problem and yields the best results, whilst remaining environmentally friendly. Essentially, lakes and ponds become stagnant due to a lack of oxygen in the water. The result of stagnation is a bottom sludge of detritus that cannot be broken down. Mechanical aeration reintroduces oxygen into the water column by moving the water, which encourages bacteria (in the oxygen) to naturally degrade the accumulation of detritus. The water clears and begins to return to its natural state.

Sustainable Long Term Solution Microbial Inoculation

Adding living bacteria that can produce the type of enzymes we need for the degradation of a certain type of algae or aquatic weed. Even if some of these enzymes are degraded, the bacteria will continue to produce them as long as the food (Algae) is available.


Applying mechanical aeration and circulation depends on a number of things including the type of application, the size and depth of your waterbody, the age of the water body and the type of algae or aquatic weeds it has. The use of Splash aerators is perfect for small and medium sized water bodies with a total volume of under 10 megaliters. The Splash is a surface mount aerator which disperse water both vertically and radically providing a nice visual fountain display without compromising functionality. 

S pond 02

Splash Surface Aerator

Splash Surface Aerator

The Splash is a surface-mounted aerator which oxygenates and destratifies by drawing water through a central column and dispersing a plume of water skyward. The twin-propeller design allows for dispersal of water both vertically and radially, enabling a greater volume of water to be dispersed into free air, facilitating a more efficient transfer of oxygen to water.

Positioning is carried out by tethering from each of the unit’s four corners to static points on a lagoon bank.

Component Construction:

Motor Housing – Marine Brass
Propellers – Reinforced Plastic

Units are supplied with a 20-metre length of marine-grade submersible electrical cable.
(further length can be added on request, prior to unit dispatch, as appropriate).


The Splash is perfect for small and medium lakes and ponds with a capacity of less than 10 megaliters where functionality and some visual display is required 

nursery 1


residential pond


golf course 1

Golf & Parks

dairy farm 2

Farms & Ag

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mining 1 1

Mining & Industrial

Splash Fountain Display+ Clear Water Free from algae or aquatic weed

Depending on the age of your water body and the type of algae or aquatic weeds in it you should expect great results within the first few weeks from applying the algaecides. After, when installing your mechanical circulation and aeration system, your lake and pond should maintain in great shape.   


Coral Coast Barramundi

Coral Coast Barramundi is located in the beautiful Whitsunday region of QLD and produces high-quality saltwater barramundi. Our farm consists of 24 x 1.2Meg plastic-lined raceways and is a fully integrated system, comprising of broodstock, hatchery, nursery, grow out and packing shed.  Coral coast Barramundi and BioRemedy have worked closely together over the past 10+ years and the  products and services they provide are second to none. Our farm has worked in conjunction with  BioRemedy on a number of aeration, circulation and oxygen injection projects.  In particular, we rely heavily upon the Acqua & Co Force 7.2 as it delivers oxygen injection and mixing like  no other product on the market. The Force 7.2 aerators have allowed us to at least double our production  and achieve excellent Feed Conversion Ratios coupled with the use of oxygen.  Corey Sander, Growout Manager, Coral Coast Barramundi

Splash 2001 Technical Data

Supply Requirements (V)Rates Power (HP)Rated Power (KW)Rated Current (A)Flow Capacity (LPM)O² Transfer Rate* (m³O²/Hr) 2.4
240 Single Phase1.00.754.532001.4
415 Three Phase1.00.752.032001.4

Splash 2008 Technical Data

Supply Requirements (V)Rates Power (HP)Rated Power (KW)Rated Current (A)Flow Capacity (LPM)Vertical Dispersion (m)Radial Dispersion (m)
240 Single Phase1.51.27.531001.15.0
415 Three Phase1.51.22.531001.15.0

Maintenance Schedule

The Splash surface-mounted aerator is a high efficiency machine designed to allow continuous operation in outdoor ponds and lakes. Due to its short motor shaft design and effective sealing arrangement, the SPLASH 1/2001 has a low maintenance requirement.

However, it is important to provide effective preventative maintenance to ensure a long life from the aerator. It is recommended that an inspection of the primary seal is performed yearly, with inspection of the secondary seal and bearings performed every two years. It is recommended that the maintenance schedule provided be followed to ensure effective management of your asset.

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