Effective algae control in lakes and ponds

Algae control in lakes and ponds is an essential part of maintaining the integrity and the health of all freshwater bodies, whether it’s a natural water hole on your land or a large ornamental lake on a golf course. Of course, you can remove some of the larger string or filamentous algae by hand using nets, but this is labour intensive and time consuming, although it’s a good first step.

A much better strategy for algae control in lakes and ponds is to use a chemical algae remover that doesn’t harm the wildlife in and around the water or to use a lake aerator for long-term control.

Using a chemical algae control in lakes and ponds

If you have algae growing on vertical or horizontal surfaces that can be easily removed by scrubbing, then that’s a good first step in controlling the growth of 11d. Often however, the water body is far too large for hand scrubbing to be an efficient method of controlling the growth of algae and you need to opt for a chemical algae remover.

If you can remove any filamentous or string algae with nets, that’s also a good first option, as well as netting any dead matter that has accumulated in the water. You are then free to apply your chemical algae remover to remove the remaining overgrowth of algae in your lake or pond.

Using a lake aerator or algae control in lakes and ponds

Using a chemical algae remover is only a stop gap and is a short-term measure that really needs to be backed up with a lake aerator for successful long term maintenance. A good lake aerator is an environmentally friendly way to control algae in lakes and ponds, as it increases the amount of oxygen in the water column.

A lake aerator also increases the number of enzymes that are needed to breakdown dead organic matter and gives a boost to the good biologicals that naturally compete with algae for nutrients and oxygen in the water. A lake or pond that is well aerated will provide a balanced environment to wildlife, be aesthetically pleasing, and will require fewer applications of a chemical algae remover.

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