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Water Treatment Specialists

BioRemedy are the leading water treatment specialists in Australia, providing efficient and effective solutions for lake and pond remediation.  We are an Australian owned company and have operated in the remediation industry for more than 15 years, standing firmly behind our products, and delivering solutions that are guaranteed to work.

W not only offer lake and pond remediation for troublesome weeds and algae, but we also provide odour and septicity control solutions, as well as microbial inoculation to maintain the productivity of wastewater treatment systems.

Lake & Pond Remediation: Algae and weeds are a natural part of healthy water bodies, but when they become inundated with algae and weeds, the natural health of the water body becomes compromised. Water treatment then becomes necessary to reduce the volume of algae and weeds and return the pristine state of the water.  This can be achieved by using chemical or mechanical solutions to reduce the weeds and algae, for example removing the weeds by hand and then applying an algaecide to keep them under control. We can also use a pond aerator or a solar pond aerator to aerate the entire water column, allowing bacteria to reach the bottom sludge of weeds and algae, degrading it sufficiently to clear the water and regain your retention times.

Odour & Septicity Control: This type of water treatment is mainly for the management of municipal sewers and focuses on two key areas: sewer reticulation analysis and management programs using dosing facilities and controls. Sewer reticulation measures quantify the susceptibility of a sewer to the production of sulphide and the management program uses a controlled dose of calcium nitrate solution to inhibit the production of sulphide in the sewers. This reduces the formation of corrosive compounds and the production of bad odours.

Microbial Inoculation: The efficient degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons, herbicides & pesticides, fats & oils, decaying plant matter and green waste, all depend on the production of enzymes by bacteria in the water for this process to proceed at a healthy rate in water bodies. Enzymes unfortunately, have a limited lifespan, so to speed up the degradation of these products we can add living bacteria to the waterways that produce specific enzymes to target specific waste products.

If you are in the market for require water treatment specialists, please contact us on 1300 798 022 or send us an email above.