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Water Treatment Specialists

BioRemedy represents the leading water treatment specialist in Australia. It provides only efficient and effective solutions for lake & pond remediation and has done so for more than 15 years. BioRemedy is an Australian owned company and its success can be measured by this 15-year-long standing in the industry. BioRemedy fully endorses each one of its products and pledges to deliver solutions guaranteed to work.

Whilst lake & pond remediation – for troublesome weeds and algae – is a huge component of our service, it doesn’t end there! BioRemedy also provides odour & septicity control solutions, as well as microbial inoculation, to maintain the productivity of wastewater treatment systems. Read on for more information!

Lake & Pond Remediation: A healthy water body will contain weeds and algae, but when it is inundated with them, the natural health becomes compromised. At this point, water treatment is essential to both reducing the volume of weeds and algae and returning the water to a natural and pristine state. This is accomplished via chemical and/or mechanical solutions. For example, weeds could be removed by hand and an algaecide applied to keep them at bay. Alternatively, a pond or solar pond aerator could be used to aerate the entire water column, which allows bacteria to reach the bottom sludge of weeds and algae. When bacteria reach this area, they degrade the weeds and algae sufficiently to clear the water and regain retention times.

Microbial Inoculation: The efficient degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons, herbicides & pesticides, fats & oils, decaying plant matter and green waste (that is, waste products that affect the health of water bodies) depends on the production of enzymes by bacteria in the water. Unfortunately, enzymes can deteriorate quite rapidly; meaning, to speed up the degradation of waste products, living bacteria that produce specific enzymes, and therefore target specific waste products, should be added to waterways.

If you are in the market for a water treatment specialist – or would like to discuss any of our services – then please contact us on 1300 798 022.

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