6 Key strategies for lake and pond water management and remediation

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Ornamental lakes and treatment ponds tend to have two characteristics in common – they are high in nutrients, but they are also stagnant, which makes water management important to their health and the ecosystem in general. Without good water management techniques, the water will become acidic and unhealthy, jeopardising the health of fish and other … Read more

The importance of aeration for superior water treatment

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Water treatment is essential for keeping all bodies of water clean, whether this is an ornamental lake, small pond or a council or industrial wastewater plant. The most common water treatment technique is aeration that can be achieved using anything from small pond pumps to much larger aeration pumps. Aeration keeps water bodies clean by … Read more

How to treat or remove pond algae


The growth of pond algae is a natural occurrence in freshwater bodies, but at some point you might need to initiate pond algae control measures to reduce the amount of algae. This can be achieved by using chemical, mechanical or more natural methods. Chemical water treatment to remove pond algae If you decide that a … Read more