5 Easy steps to control an overabundance of pond algae

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An overabundance of pond algae can be the bane of farmers, golf course managers, councils and anyone who has one or more ponds on their land. In general, pond algae control is fairly easy in well-established ponds, it’s when ponds are new that problems can become overwhelming. Taking the right measures and initiating the correct … Read more

Tips on algae control in lakes and ponds

Filamentous Algae

Algae control in lakes and ponds is usually an ongoing process and is necessary to maintain the water quality and the health of the fish and other wildlife that rely on these ecosystems. If left alone and ignored, algae can quickly overwhelm these water bodies, which is why water treatment with some sort of algae … Read more

Pros and cons of dam aerators

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Whilst there are many plants that help with pond aeration, anything above a small pond can benefit from using dam aerators to maintain the health of the pond. A lack of aeration can lead to low oxygen levels, fish kills and even algal blooms in severe cases, and the pond will look and smell unhealthy. … Read more