What are the advantages of a solar pond aerator?

Have you considered a solar pond aerator for your lake or pond? A lake or pond aerator is an essential piece of equipment that helps to keep fresh water bodies ecologically healthy and looking aesthetically pleasing. Ponds or lakes that are out of control are often filled with algae and weeds with cloud or scummy … Read more

Effective algae control in lakes and ponds

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Algae control in lakes and ponds is an essential part of maintaining the integrity and the health of all freshwater bodies, whether it’s a natural water hole on your land or a large ornamental lake on a golf course. Of course, you can remove some of the larger string or filamentous algae by hand using … Read more

Do you really need a lake or pond aerator?

If you have an open body of freshwater on your land, then it’s likely that you will need some form of lake or pond aerator installed. Without a pond aerator pump, the water quality can become compromised over time, reducing the health of the fish life and water quality, whilst the algae will thrive. What … Read more