Best strategies for pond algae control and pond sludge remediation

If your pond contains an overabundance of sludge (a mix of algae, inorganic and organic debris), you not only need to remove this sludge, but you might also need ongoing pond algae control measures as well. This is because all of this sludge produces hydrogen sulphide, which creates a toxic, foul smelling environment that reduces retention time and violates your discharge requirements.

A build-up of sludge is a common problem in large ponds and is usually dealt with by mechanically removing the sludge, however this is time consuming, expensive and requires the pond to be drained repeatedly. There is an alternative method however, that involves a sludge remediation strategy using a pond aerator pump or a solar pond aerator.

How does aeration work for sludge and pond algae control?

A pond usually consists of a surface layer of aerobic water (about 45 to 60 cm deep) with the anaerobic water underneath. Sludge accumulates in the anaerobic layer because the natural processes that exist to decompose the organic and inorganic matter can’t keep up with the amount that is deposited in the water.

As an alternative to simply removing the sludge, a pond aerator pump or a solar pond aerator is designed to aerate the entire water column, allowing the aerobic bacteria in the surface water to be redistributed throughout the water column. These bacteria can quickly digest the sludge that have accumulated on the bottom of the pond, because they are now in an aerobic environment, due to aeration of these bottom layers.

These more natural sludge and pond algae control measures allow you to regain your retention times without the expense and disruption of draining the pond. A pond aerator pump or a solar pond aerator has been shown to remove up to 98% of the accumulated sludge, making this one of the most cost effective and efficient methods for pond sludge remediation.

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