What are the advantages of a solar pond aerator?

Have you considered a solar pond aerator for your lake or pond? A lake or pond aerator is an essential piece of equipment that helps to keep fresh water bodies ecologically healthy and looking aesthetically pleasing. Ponds or lakes that are out of control are often filled with algae and weeds with cloud or scummy water that creates a rotten smell and a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

A lake or pond aerator keeps water bodies healthy

Apart from the lack of aesthetics, these unhealthy water bodies can have a significant impact on local wildlife, which is a shame because it’s very easy to bring them back to full health. Installing a pond or lake aerator is one of the best solutions for keeping water bodies fresh and clean and they can turn around an unhealthy pond very quickly.

A lake or pond aerator circulates air throughout the water column, preventing the water from stagnating and improving the water quality, leading to less algae, nuisance bacteria and mosquitoes. One of the problems however, is accessing electricity to power the lake or pond aerator, as not everyone has a handy electrical socket in the paddock!

Installing a power supply far from any dwellings can be expensive and ultimately impractical, but without an aerator your pond or lake will soon become stagnant and unhealthy.

A solar pond aerator keeps the environment healthy

The solution is to install a solar pond aerator that works just as well as more traditionally powered aerators, but doesn’t require electrical power. This immediately cuts down on your expenses, because instead of paying for electrical cables to be run out to the pond or lake, all you need to purchase is the lake aerator and a solar panel.

You also don’t need to pay to operate the aerator, because it runs on solar power. Of course, the obvious question is – what happens on cloudy days and at night?

From a strategic point of view, you need to install the solar panel on top of a post positioned to receive as much sunlight as possible all day long. If you want to take it up a level you can also install solar batteries, which will power your pond or lake aerator whenever the light levels drop below 20%. However, even without these batteries, your solar pond aerator should provide enough aeration for around 14 hours each day, which is usually sufficient to keep a waterbody healthy and clean.

Since a solar pond aerator saves you money and keeps your pond clean, as well as being environmentally friendly, it’s definitely worth considering if your pond or lake is stagnant and full of algae.

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