6 Key strategies for lake and pond water management and remediation

Ornamental lakes and treatment ponds tend to have two characteristics in common – they are high in nutrients, but they are also stagnant, which makes water management important to their health and the ecosystem in general. Without good water management techniques, the water will become acidic and unhealthy, jeopardising the health of fish and other creatures that live in and on the water.

Stagnant, smelly water that smells like rotten eggs is often a sign of mismanaged water bodies that are deficient in oxygen with an accumulation of sludge on the bottom. A deficiency in oxygen is the main cause of these problems, but they can be easily remedied by careful water management using pond pumps or larger devices that include one or more of the following six strategies.

  1. Mechanical aeration: These submersible aerators oxygenate the water by drawing in air from the surface and dispersing it at depth. The air outlets can be placed at anything from 3m to 15m below the surface and are a very affordable and efficient pond cleaner.
  2. Mechanical circulation: These pond pumps circulate water throughout the water column from the surface to the bed of the water body, destratifying lakes and ponds and effectively reducing algae.
  3. Ornamental aeration: This type of surface located pond cleaner draws water through a central column and shoots it into the air, oxygenating a large body of water very efficiently. These ornamental pond pumps not only produce a wonderful fountain of water, but they can also be moved to different locations on the lake.
  4. Solar powered aeration: For a more environmentally friendly water management solution, why not use the sun to power your pond pumps? Our solar panels turn an efficient and chemical free pool cleaner into a cost saving device that also cleans your pond or lake.
  5. Static aeration: Utilising the existing infrastructure, a static aerator is attached to your water pump and mixes air with the water to oxygenate lakes, dams and treatment plants.
  6. Weed & algae control: At BioRemedy we use Cupricide or Kupramine to clear away all the algae that has built up in a water body, as well as Water Clear to reduce the aquatic weeds.

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