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Lake & Pond Remendiation Solutions

Aeration & Circulation

Essentially, lakes and ponds become stagnant due to a lack of oxygen in the water. Mechanical aeration & circulation reintroduces and circulates oxygen into the water, which encourages the beneficial bacteria to naturally degrade the accumulation of detritus. The water starts to clear and begins to return to its natural state.

force 7

Force 7 Aerator

Perfect for small water bodies up to 5 Mega Litres. 

brio rio

Brio Circulator

Perfect for medium size water bodies up to 10 Mega Litres. 

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Rio Circulator

Perfect for large size water bodies 10+ Mega Litres. 

Fountain Display Solutions

This ornamental solution not only injects and circulates oxygen into your water body to control the growth of any algae or aquatic weeds but also provide a nice fountain display of your new healthy-looking, clear water.