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Lake & Pond Remediation

Control of aquatic weeds and algae is important in ornamental lakes and treatment ponds. These water bodies are typically high in nutrients and stagnant. By the use of mechanical circulation and aeration, and/or by the use of algaecide and microbial dosage the water body can be managed.

BioRemedy have provided solutions for golf courses, nurseries, sewage treatment polishing, abattoirs, dairies, piggeries, poultry farms, food processing, agricultural dams, residential ponds, wineries & distilleries, and mining holding dams.

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Odour & Septicity Control

BioRemedy specialise in the control of odour and septicity in municipal council sewer rising mains. Solutions are achieved by using non-toxic, safe to handle, environmentally friendly products. These products can be locally dosed and monitored, and controlled remotely over a website.

BioRemedy have provided solutions across Australia in existing rising mains, as well as, new residential and Industrial estates where the mains system is under-utilised.

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Microbial Inoculation

For over 20 years BioRemedy have been using microbial inoculants for bioremediation purposes across many different industries. New Edge Microbials supply our standard packages 101, 201, 301, 401 and 501 and can also tailor specific inoculants as requested.

For the past 4 years BioRemedy has been using inoculants from Baseline in Brisbane, in particular compost and nitrifying microbes.

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